Think of your Value Proposition as a mirror.

When a buyer looks at yours, who do they see?

Buyer-focused Value Proposition and Messaging Strategies that increase engagement.

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Value Propositions That Sell

Gaining the attention of your buyers is not about having the best product or service. It is about demonstrating your knowledge and understanding of their issues, needs, and business. Most buyers consider no more than three vendors – one typically an incumbent. How do you increase the odds that you are one of the other two?

We conducted research with buyer decision-makers and the results were eye-opening. The biggest issues they see?

  • Lack of Relevance
  • Generic Language
  • Value Unclear
  • Vendor-Centric
  • Features Disguised as Benefits
  • Unproven Differentiators

Take A Quick Assessment

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions



Does everyone in your company tell the same value story?



Do you have a one-size-fits-all value prop to serve everyone?


Voice & Tone

Does your messaging use buyer language or “company” language?


True Differentiators

Can you quantify and offer proof of your differentiators?

How We Help

value proposition assessment workbook

Value Proposition Assessment

Get a base-line understanding of the status of your core message, its strengths and weaknesses, and how it compares to your competitors.

value proposition pivot template

Do you need a messaging pivot?

Make sure your offering is relevant in the current environment.  Identify a pivot strategy, update your messaging, re-position your offerings, and launch into the market.


Our on-demand course delivers the training and tools to develop your own buyer-focused value proposition and messaging.

Workshops & Seminars

Live or virtual, we work with you and your team to develop value messaging based on buyer input & research.

Message Development

Using buyer and competitor research as the foundation, we develop your draft messaging then refine with you and your team.


Dynamic and accomplished speaker, published author, and thought leader.

Get The Book

A value prop is so much bigger than just an elevator pitch – get the roadmap for a Value Proposition Platform™ that delivers the foundation for clear, powerful and consistent messaging.  [Download Free Chapter]

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Interested in talking about your messaging?

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Are You Making Prospects Yawn?

Learn what buyers say about the value propositions they see in their decision-making process. Find out what matters, what's missing, and what makes a message stand out.

value proposition makes people yawn video thumb
Making Value Proposition Pivot video

Making a Value Proposition Pivot in the “New Normal"

Consider making an offering and messaging pivot with product, service and solutions. What is the offering strategy that will help your customers and prospects succeed now? How do you tailor marketing and sales content to be more relevant during this time?

Value Proposition Pivot Infographic

Is your offering still relevant in the current challenging environment?

Here are some tips to help you consider options for a pivot strategy to better engage buyers.

What People Are Saying

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"Brilliant. There is no other word to describe Lisa Dennis and her grasp of marketing and value propositions."

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