Company Mission

Founded in 1997, by Lisa Dennis, Knowledgence® Associates focuses on strategy and execution for both marketing and sales.

Our mission has been to help clients:

See the world through their customers’ eyes™

Who We Work With

Our clients span the globe, in a broad range of industries. We partner with individuals and teams in small-business, mid-market, and enterprise companies.   Our primary focus is B2B:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Non-Profits
  • Insurers
  • Fortune 500
  • Solopreneurs
  • Tech Companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Start-ups
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services
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Our Core Objectives

value prop platform integrated messaging

Develop a Platform for Integrated Messaging

Working with both marketing and sales, build value propositions and messaging platforms that result in buyer-focused content for greater engagement and sales conversations.

mirror marketing sales activities

Align Marketing and Sales Activities Programs

Design and develop global account-based marketing and sales programs to drive deeper account engagement and results. ITSMA ABM certification training and consulting.

integrate sales marketing

Integrate Sales and Marketing Strategy

Develop actionable Go-to-Market plans to drive marketing and sales execution, built on a foundation of buyer, persona, industry, and market intelligence.

"Lisa is a world-class professional in her field. I have a class of 10 startup companies that apply her technique to constructing their value propositions. It’s one of the most popular activities in my accelerator and the class raves about the value it provides.  Lisa’s no-nonsense approach, and willingness to dig in and challenge the founders’ beliefs is very impactful, as compared to arm-length lectures.  My cohort companies all have the same gestalt moment when they understand that it’s not about them and their brilliance but it’s about conveying to the audience that they deeply understand the problems and pain the customer is going through."  

Warren Katz

Managing Director – Air Force Accelerator Powered by Techstar

“I have had the pleasure to work with Lisa on two different engagements. She works quickly, demonstrates strong leadership by immediately taking charge of the project, works comfortably with ambiguity, works collaboratively with broad groups of stakeholders who aren't always aligned themselves, and delivers great work. I highly recommend Lisa.”

Chad Hawkinson

Chief Product & Data Officer

“Brilliant. There is no other word to describe Lisa Dennis and her grasp of marketing and value propositions. Lisa is a master of taking clients through her proven processes to create value propositions and marketing that attract the right clients and prepare them to purchase. I give Lisa my highest recommendation!”

Laura Posey

Chief Instigator, Simple Success Plans

“I have hired Knowledgence to partner with me at three different companies over the last 10 years. Lisa thinks big but doesn’t leave a detail untouched. She is a marketing & sales guru and a master strategist. Simply put, she gets it and provides an immediate impact on your business. If you are looking elevate your game, partner with Lisa Dennis. She is the best in the business.”

Kim Salem-Jackson

Senior VP, Global Marketing & Corporate Communications, Akamai

“Lisa brings twenty plus years of value proposition experience to the table. She is a master at bringing disparate groups to the table and driving solid results out of ambiguity! I look forward to working with her again soon.”

Shawn Wilde

Global Partner Marketing Manager, CSC

“It's not always easy to find expertise, patience, a willingness to work hard, if needed, to achieve results, and a fun personality in a service provider. Lisa is a superlative combination of all of these. Hire her! She will take a load off your shoulders, push you and your team in the right direction, and you will be happy with the results. And you will never, ever, regret working with Lisa.”

Carol Wolicki

VP Marketing, RedPoint Global

“Knowledgence has helped us to construct and implement our marketing plan: from value proposition to logo, from website design to television interviews. Our value proposition, in particular, required a deep look at our capabilities and our preferred client profiles. She approached this systematically, building from our past project stories to our resulting choices for messages. She even pointed out that those resulting messages presented capabilities that would be valuable even for certain client profiles that we had not considered. Lisa is organized, intelligent (the past clients and projects that she studied span the range from rocket science to brain surgery!), and a pleasure to work with. - Which is why we have returned to her more than once for help marketing ourselves.”

Joel MacAuslan

CEO, Speech Technology & Applied Research

“Not many people really understand the ins and outs of both sales and marketing in BtoB. Lisa is one of the few I've come across and she brings with that a rare combination of big picture thinking, tactical expertise, and the practical experience to bring it all together. I had the great pleasure of working with Lisa to build a truly integrated sales and marketing plan and program at Truman Company; it was one of the most enjoyable, enlightening, and productive collaborations I've ever experienced. I would recommend Lisa to just about anyone looking for a boost to their sales and/or marketing efforts -- and I do as often as possible!”

Rob Leavitt

Senior VP Consulting, ITSMA
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