Does your company have an “Authentic VALUES Proposition”?

Does your company have Authentic VALUE Proposition

I have been a huge fan of Fast Company magazine from its earliest days. It’s “Free Agent Nation” issue (with the lead article written by Dan Pink) validated my then recent decision to leave my corporate job and strike out on my own – 20 years ago. I started one of Fast Company’s earliest readers networking groups “The Company of Friends” when Fast Company was headquartered in Boston’s historic North End. So, I’ve been really dialed into to Bill Taylor, Founding Editor, Fast Company Magazine, and Author of two great books: Practically Radical and Simply Brilliant for a long time.

He has started a video series called “Briefly Brilliant” that I want to share with you. His second episode is called “It is as Important to be Kind as it is to be Clever”. While I am always inspired and intrigued by everything that Bill writes – this episode spoke to me in two important ways:

1. A new and much needed spin on value propositions
2. A success factor that sets excellent companies apart

Enjoy Bill’s video – “Briefly Brilliant” – episode 2

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About the Author Lisa Dennis

Lisa Dennis is president and founder of Knowledgence® Associates. She is an international marketing and sales consultant, trainer, writer and strategist. Her forte is in helping organizations develop and integrate customer-focused value propositions into the marketing and sales mix of B2B companies across a broad range of industries.

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