Putting Value Back Into Your Value Proposition

Putting the “Value” Back into Your Value Proposition

Determining what the value proposition is for your product or service can often be an elusive pursuit. What value does your company deliver? To […]

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Is There Still Value to the Value Proposition

Is There Still Value to the Value Proposition?

Sometimes I wonder if the tried and true foundations of effective marketing and selling are still valid in a business environment in a constant […]

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Get your Sales Team SOLD Your Value Prop

Get your Sales Team SOLD on Your Value Prop

How can you tell if your sales team is “all in” with the value proposition that marketing has slaved over? Well, are they using […]

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Value Propositions Account based Marketing World

Value Propositions in an ABM World

Every day in marketing and sales, it’s a challenge to land on the right message that will engage a prospect and spark a real […]

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7 Steps Value Proposition that SELLS

7 Steps To a Value Proposition that SELLS

I did a BrightTALK webinar recently that I think will be helpful. Most people think that a value proposition has to be short, short, […]

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Does your company have Authentic VALUE Proposition

Does your company have an “Authentic VALUES Proposition”?

I have been a huge fan of Fast Company magazine from its earliest days. It’s “Free Agent Nation” issue (with the lead article written by Dan […]

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Are Your Marketing and Sales Teams Serving Up the RIGHT Value Proposition?

There are lots of resources, conversations, and challenges out there about the “value” of a value proposition. It makes you wonder, given that the […]

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Why Your Value Proposition Makes People Yawn

Many value propositions suffer from some key issues that can have both an impact on how they are perceived, and which can cause your […]

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Value Propositions That Actually Sell

As the B2B sales process becomes ever more complex, marketers are working overtime creating new and (hopefully) more compelling value propositions. But are your […]

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