Make a “Relevance Pivot” with Your Value Prop

Make Relevance Pivot Your Value Proposition

Making a Value Proposition Pivot in the “New Normal”

Making Value Proposition Pivot Brighttalk webinar

Four Tips for “New Decade” Sales Messaging

Four Tips New Decade Sales Messaging BrightTalk Webinar

Power UP your Value Prop for ABM

Power UP your Value Proposition ABM webinar

Anatomy of a Buyer-Focused Value Proposition

value prop masterclass anatomy buyer focused value prop

Live Value Prop Makeovers Tips & Tricks

Masterclass Live Value Prop Makeovers

Value Prop Mechanics for Marketing and Sales

Masterclass Value Proposition Mechanics Marketing Sales



Know Your Buyer and Ace that Deal

Lisa and Janice discuss sales messaging and how generative AI (think ChatGBT) impacts how we communicate with customers.


Value Propositions That Sell with Lisa Dennis

Is your sales team using a value proposition that is irrelevant to your buyers leaving them to connect the dots?


Marketing Speak: Conversations that Convert

Marketing messages are for content while sales messages are for conversation.

Lisa Dennis Knowledgence Podcast

Episode #097: Best of Do’s & Don’ts

Trish Bertuzzi, Brent Adamson, and Lisa Dennis talk about key sales do's and don'ts.

sales reinvented podcast

Episode #018: Lisa Dennis, Listening for Opportunity

Lisa talks about how to refocus on the and the role of stories in pitching.

sales reinvented podcast

How To Build Your Value Proposition #48

Lisa spoke about the process to build a value prop at great length.

sales babble podcast

Value Propositions That Sell with Lisa Dennis #227

In this episode, Lisa returns to discuss her new book, Value Propositions That Sell

sales babble podcast

Accelerate Your Account-Based Marketing

How can you get your marketing and sales teams to collaborate on your ABM strategy.

changing game digital marketing



Value Proposition Pivot Tips

Does your offer, value proposition, and messaging need attention in this challenging environment?

Value Proposition Pivot Infographic

Selling Your Value Proposition

Are You Selling Your Value Proposition Short?  Survey results of buyers to find out what is working and what is not.

Selling Your Value Proposition Infographic


SalesPop Article

It Ain’t Over
Until It’s Over

As a New Englander, I have a confession to make. I bailed on the Super Bowl at half time. Lesson learned: It ain't over until it's over.

SalesPop Article

Would Your Message Get the Vote?

It is really important to figure out what the best framework is to build your message on. You can choose from 3 types of value propositions.

SalesPop Article

The Missing Link in Your Value Proposition

The more sophisticated the buyer, the harder it is to create a value proposition that is compelling enough to shift their attention to you.

TechTarget Article

The Missing Piece in Content Marketing

Gain an understanding of what the missing piece is in content marketing to help drive more content marketing effectiveness.

TechTarget Article

How Social is Your Value Proposition?

Ensure your value proposition is well-aligned for social media and that messaging can also be bite-sized for social.

social proof
TechTarget Article

Integrating Marketing into Strategic Account Plans

Understand the key to successful strategic account planning is to involve both sales and marketing in the process up front.

TechTarget Article

Marketing and Sales Alignment for Grown-Ups

Get expert advice on the age-old problem of aligning marketing and sales teams to create unity in serving customer needs.  

sales marketing
TechTarget Article

Smarter Sales & Marketing: Success Hacks for Action

This latest Smarter Sales and Marketing feature showcases 2014 success hacks that can be used to inform sales and marketing strategies moving into 2015.

light buld idea hack



Rise Above The

Customer-focused tactics & strategies for marketing and sales professionals to stand out among the “chatter".

Rise Above The Chatter eBook

The Guide To Social Selling Success

Social Selling is the process of using your professional brand to fill your pipeline. Get 33 social selling tips.

Guide Social Selling Success

Sales Leadership Tips To End The Year Strong

It’s never too late to make a tweak in your process for a quick positive impact on your sales team’s success.

Women Sales Pros Sales Leadership Tips eBook
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