How We Help Companies Like Yours

Knowledgence® works with companies to translate their offerings from a purely feature/function message to a buyer focused Value Proposition Platform™ that resonates with decision-makers and influencers. We move beyond just an ‘elevator pitch’ to help you develop, hone, and test a messaging structure that is easily adapted across the many communication channels that your buyers engage in.

Value Proposition Assessment

Competitive messaging analysis mapped across the buyer's journey.

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Value Proposition Pivot

Identify a pivot strategy, update your messaging, and re-position your offerings.

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Online Learning Course

On-demand course to develop your own value proposition and messaging.

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Workshops & Seminars

We work with you and your team to develop value messaging.

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Message Development

We conduct buyer and competitor research as the foundation of a draft value prop.

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Value Prop & Messaging Playbook

Customized integrated Messaging tool for both marketing and sales.

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Refine Your Messaging

See the world through your customers’ eyes™

A strong, compelling value proposition is crucial to gaining traction with buyers that have limitless options. Yet getting to a clear, crisp, consistently communicated value proposition can be challenging. The message needs to work for both marketing and sales.

Industries We Serve

  • Fortune 500

    Marketing and Sales strategies across a range of sectors.

  • Manufacturers

    Engaged with both traditional and innovative organizations.

  • Non-profit​s

    Strategies to engage donors, sponsors, partners and volunteers.

  • Technology Companies

    Extensive background working with hardware, software, SaaS and startup companies.

  • Healthcare

    Focus on both provider and payer organizations.

  • Insurance

    Experience with life, health, and supplemental insurance and workplace benefits.

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