Message Development

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Message Development

Getting an objective view of your value propositions or having enough time or staff to focus on it can be challenging.

We have reviewed, updated, and written hundreds of value propositions and can help get you to the right themes that resonate with your buyers. 

Based on primary and secondary research, we develop a set of messaging directions for you to consider.  Based on your selection, we will draft a full Value Proposition Platform™ for review, discussion, and editing. 

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Research Includes

1. Buyer Personas

Review Buyer Personas or audience targets to be sure they are up-to-date, relevant and clear.

2. Customer Interviews

We speak directly with your customers to understand the language they use to discuss their challenges, goals, and objectives, and define the value points that drove their decision to work with you.

3. Competitor Messaging Scan

We review and assess a set of messaging factors across a group of your competitors.  The focus is to identify messaging overlaps, gaps, and opportunities for differentiation.

What's Included

The process includes 4 – 5 iterations to get to a final foundational version.  Additional versions can be created for vertical industries, personas, and products through our development process.  Additional assets can be created as needed:

  • Value Proposition Hierarchy – to align all your value props across your product and service offerings

  • Recommendations for value prop usage in content and sales tools

  • Develop a Value Prop & Messaging Playbook – to present your messaging strategy in a clear and consistent way, provide guidance to marketing and design agencies and other team members for using your messaging

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