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Getting buyer-focused isn’t automatic. Why? 

The majority of value propositions are inside-out: focused entirely on the product, service, or solution.  But the reality is that buyers are more engaged when messaging is tied directly to their issues, company goals, and business needs. 

How engaging is your messaging really? Before deciding to upgrade or re-message, it may make sense to fully assess the current state of how you tell your company and solution stories – through every stage of the buyer’s journey. 

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An assessment will include:

We will conduct a competitive assessment across your top 5 - 7 competitors.  These results will be compared to your own messaging across a set of content assets at each stage of your buyer's journey.

  • A competitive messaging analysis

  • Review of digital, downloadable, and sales content

  • Analysis messaging strengths, and weaknesses

  • Recommendations on areas of focus, gaps and opportunities

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