Turn Your Message into a Magnet

with Value Propositions That Sell

Discover a simplified and repeatable process to create rock-solid value propositions that engage prospects, shorten sales cycles, close deals, and boost revenue.

Discover Value Propositions That SELL.

value propositions book by lisa dennis

"Demystifies the Art and Science of Creating a Winning Value Proposition"

Julie Hansen

A Value Proposition is a Mirror

When a buyer looks at yours, who do they see?

With today’s sophisticated and well-informed buyers, the standard value proposition just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Rather than simply describing the value a company brings to the buyer, we need to communicate the value the buyer seeks in achieving their goals or solving their challenge and to do so in their language.

Learn a simplified and repeatable process to create rock-solid value propositions for your existing and new offerings, and to extend it into product and service messaging, sales conversations, and marketing and sales materials in Value Propositions That Sell.

The Research Study

Value Propositions That Sell is based on extensive research into the decision-making process of buying teams making technology investments.

1000-4999 employees 45%
5000-9999 employees 23%
10,000+ employees 32%
Decision makers 78%
Consultants 13%
Technical evaluators/recommenders 8%
Technical Impact 47%
Business Impact 34%
Financial Impact 19%

What People Are Saying

alice heiman sales productivity expert
Alice Heiman

Founder, Alice Heiman, LLC

"This book was so well done. It's easy to read and follow. Anyone can develop a clear Value Proposition using Lisa's step by step process."

trish bertuzzi
Trish Bertuzzi

President, The Bridge Group

"What Lisa delivers in this book will teach you the whys and the hows to blend marketing messaging with sales sound bites."

meridith elliott powell
Meridith E. Powell

Author & Keynote Speaker

"Most amazing insight on Value Propositions. This book changed everything - it takes what has been for me a very complicated process and simplified it."

About The Author

Lisa Dennis is a global marketing and sales strategist and consultant with over thirty years of experience delivering buyer-focused messaging to her business-to-business clients. Focusing on both strategy and execution, she has worked with companies across a broad range of industries including Akamai, Citrix, CSC, Dell, FedEx, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Microsoft, Mutual of Omaha, Tufts Health Plan, Verizon, Wipro, and many others.

She has been a guest blogger for TechTarget, Kite Desk, Pipeliner CRM, MassHighTech. com, and a co-author of the book, 360 Degrees of the Customer – Strategies & Tactics for Marketing, Sales and Service.

She has held non-profit board seats for Positive Directions, the YWCA of Cambridge, and The Children’s Room.

She has a B.A in English from Wheaton College, and an MBA in Marketing from Babson College.

lisa dennis author of value proposition book
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